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what’s your data trying to tell you?

fractional analytics – the nimble and cost-effective way to make sense of it all…fast

So what is fractional analytics, exactly?

it’s a start-up’s best friend!

The product build is going great and the next funding event is in your future, but you need help collecting, understanding and curating the feedback that your product and its users are conveying. Fractional Analytics provides a cost-effective way to make sense of your data by leveraging resources and tools on an as-needed basis.

From a quick, one-off analysis to get you to the next level, to assistance with the formation of a self-sufficient, internal data team – help is at hand

 I’m not even sure of the questions I have…

You don’t know what you don’t know – but that’s OK. Creating something new is never easy, but letting the data speak for itself may help guide you in the right direction. It’s all about discovery…


AND my data is a mess!

Don’t feel embarrassed – you’re not alone! Iterative learning is scrappy by nature. You cannot learn without pushing boundaries and boundaries tend to be unstructured. A spreadsheet here, an API there. Whether you’re grappling with structured, unstructured or our RESTful friends, it really makes no difference. Data is data, regardless of origin.

how can museZu help?

a one-stop shop for as little (or as much) data alchemy as you need

Whether you need initial project scoping and internal data team build-out, data wrangling, story-telling visualizations & data syndication or machine learning services, museZu will lend a hand to get you on your way…

project analysis & scoping – outlining deliverables, timelines, and resourcing needs

connect, blend and seamlessly finagle the source data at whim so that it’s in ship shape condition for your use cases

enable asking questions of your data by typing in English phrases and have the system work it out for you

automagically monitor the underlying data and trigger alerts and/or third-party APIs, if necessary

prepare dashboards and reports for end user syndication and adhoc analysis

get really clever and apply machine learning techniques to your data for further insights

next steps

If you have questions about how you can effectively grapple with and manage your data challenges, then let us know. We’d love to help!