Cloud-based data blending and visualizations

All you need to get you started on making sense of all that data. Connect, blend, syndicate – simple.


Start small, we’ll grow with you!

optional extras

if you need more than the basics, then feel free to add other features to your monthly plan:

additional users

$10/month each

additional chart visualizations

$20 per month each addition

data alerts

$399/month unlimited alerts

machine learning

$399/month unlimited usage

support credits


Our Features

What features are available?

Unlimited Datasources

Structured, unstructured, API’s…you name it, we handle it. Not only that, you can have as many datasources as you want!

Unlimited Queries

The building blocks that underpin everything, allowing your data gurus to blend data from all your datasources either real time or on a schedule

Unlimited Dashboards

A collection of one or more query results that allows for easy syndication and adhoc analysis by end users

Natural Language Queries

Simply type your sentence and we’ll get your data for you

Wide Variety of Chart Types

We support over 30 different chart types, including the ability to code your own!

Data Alerts

Get automated alerts whenever your data changes

Machine Learning

Use insights from your data to help drive business decisions

Data Syndication

Share your insights with other users and your Mom