real time data blending with no ETL…what sorcery is this?

No, it’s not a joke. The ability to blend data from any┬ádatasource, on the fly, enhance it and use it for good is now a reality…

any datasource?

Yes, any datasource. Whether you’re grappling with structured, unstructured or our RESTful friends, it makes no difference to us. All technologies are welcome here – no problem!

No Contracts

We want to support you when you need it most, that’s why we don’t need long term contracts in order to do business with you. Month to month is fine by us – we know how it goes…

Low Monthly Fee

We offer one low, monthly fee for all you need to get going and then add-on options after that. That way you only take what you need without biting off more than you can chew.

Multi-datasource joins

Hard to believe, right? That you have the power to join data from disparate datasources on the fly. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself

Dedicated Support

Support credits can be added in as needed. How you tailor your plan is entirely up to you!

so how does this work, exactly?

aka “how to bring your data project in on time and be a hero”…

Let’s face it, data technology has come a long way since the relational only systems of the 1840’s and, with the advent of unstructured data technologies, things are just going to get more and more challenging. Your data isn’t just one flavor anymore – you will need to deal with it ALL…and stat!

have your data architects blend and seamlessly finagle the source data at whim so that it’s in ship shape condition for your use cases

schedule all of the data within the ecosystem to be available real time or on a schedule of your choice

ask questions of your data by typing in English phrases and have the system work it out for you

have the underlying data monitored automagically and alerts and/or third party APIs triggered if necessary

prepare dashboards and reports for end user syndication and adhoc analysis

get really clever and apply machine learning techniques to you data for further insights


OK, so how much?

optional extras

if you need more than the basics, then feel free to add other features to your monthly plan:

additional users

additional chart visualization packs

data alerts

machine learning

support credits

On the fence?

If you have questions about how you can effectively grapple with and manage your data challenges, then let us know. We’d love to help!